O & B Canteen

I was at the O&B Canteen for lunch the other day where O&B stands for Oliver & Bonacini. There are other restaurants under the O&B brand, such as the Canoe, Jump and Luma (it’s located right above Canteen).

I liked the decor of this restaurant. It was simple and modern. We ordered tomato juice and freshly squeezed orange juice. The OJ was good but a bit pricey ($5). We also ordered the bread basket. The bread was soooo good. I liked the spread but didn’t try the olives (I don’t like olives). My friend ordered the O&B breakfast without meat and I ordered the Margherita pizza. I tried some of the mushrooms in the O&B breakfast and they were GOOD! My friend said the scone was good too. My pizza was great. My friend had a slice and she liked it better than the Margherita pizza at Caffino Ristorante.


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