Lego Exhibition, Taipei

I saw an ad for a Lego event in Taipei on the Internet last night and decided to check it out today. It wasn’t a big exhibition, just a small event in the basement of the Miramar Entertainment Park. The final 10 entries of a Lego building contest were on display at the event. People could place their votes and the result will be announced on the last day of the event, August 21. My favourite entry was entry #7, a celebration at a traditional Chinese temple (see pictures below).

I picked up some Lego stuff at the event. The sets were 20% off. I also bought 9 packs of mini figures from series 4. This event will end on Sunday and I may go back before Sunday to pick up some more mini figures (hehe!)

Here are the things I bought at the event today:

Here are more photos. Please click on the thumbnails to see the larger photos.

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