Italian Buffet – Vinnie Zucchini’s Italian Eatery


One of my favourite cuisines is Italian cuisine. I love pasta and my favourite pasta is spaghetti with tomato sauce! My friend and I went to an Italian buffet restaurant called Vinnie Zucchini’s Italian Eatery for lunch. We’ve eaten at this restaurant several times and kept going back. I’ve been to 3 different Italian buffet restaurants in the Greater Toronto area and Vinnie Zucchini’s is one of the best, if not the best!

Both my friend and I are vegetarian but this isn’t a problem at all. Vinnie Zucchini’s has vegetarian pasta, vegetable stir-fry, grilled vegetables, vegetable soup, vegetarian pizzas, etc. My favourite is the spicy pasta, grilled pepper and cheese pizza!!

Vinnie Zucchini’s also offers a wide variety of desserts. However, I don’t really care for their ice cream. I opted for their fresh fruits instead.

The servers are usually very attentive. Used dishes were removed from our table within a minute. The servers also came and asked if I wanted another iced tea when my glass was almost empty.

This is a place that I will keep going back.


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