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The weather has been crazy lately. It even snowed today! The temperature was around 2C, which I’m sure is below seasonal.

I bought a Groupon for a Japanese restaurant called Crazy Sushi a few weeks ago. It was a “$12 for a $25” deal. If you haven’t checked out Groupon, check it out and see if it’s available where you live. There are some good deals on there. I’ve bought 4 so far and have used 3. Anyway, I’ve never been to Crazy Sushi before and thought I would give it a try.

The decor of the restaurant was nice. There were only 2 servers and they were pretty swamped by the lunch crowd. We got there early and were seated right away. We ordered green tea, sprite, miso soup, teriyaki tofu steak, mushroom salad, vegetarian sushi set and vegetarian inari set. The miso soup was a bit salty but it could be just me. I liked the mushroom salad a lot!


The tofu steak was ok.

The vegetarian sushi set (picture above) and the vegetarian inari set were delicious!!

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