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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is one of the most multicultural city in the world. In Toronto, you can see people from around the world and these people, coming from different cultures, get along peacefully. You can have friends of different religions here, where you would probably be enemies in other parts of the world.

Having lived in Toronto for most of my life so far, I must say I really enjoy the multiculturalism here. I enjoy trying out the different cuisines. I went to an Indian buffet restaurant called Brar Sweets in Brampton, about 25 minutes west of Toronto, for lunch yesterday. I’ve been here once for dinner before and liked it. We were there early yesterday so the restaurant was pretty much empty. We were seated right away. Brar Sweets is a vegetarian restaurant so it’s perfect for me and my friend as we are both vegetarians. They have over 10 different kinds of curry and I really liked one of them. I should have written down the name. Anyway, it has some vegetables and tofu-like things in there. I absolutely loved there naan bread!!!! I wasn’t too crazy about their soup selection though. I tried the “hot and sour soup” (Indian style) and didn’t like it at all. Their fried noodle was pretty good too.

By the time we were done, the restaurant was pretty crowded. I noticed that over 50% of the guests were not Indian and everyone seemed to enjoy the food very much. If you want to try out some authentic Indian food, give this place a try.

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