The Big Fat Greek Buffet

My friends and I went to a Greek buffet restaurant called the Big Fat Greek Buffet for lunch the other day. We went early so the restaurant wasn’t packed at all.

I liked the colourful decor. The dining area was quite big and clean. The buffet area, though, was not quite big. It seemed like that they a lot of choices but they were actually very similar choices. There were rice, rice, and rice. You can get vegetarian rice, spicy rice, pepper stuffed with rice, etc. I’m not a big fan of rice but their spicy rice was good. Their vegetarian dishes were ok… not a lot of choices but they had enough to make you feel full.

Their online menu shows that they have a variety of dessert but I found that their dessert section was pretty weak. Some of the dishes in their online menu weren’t available.

For $15 (lunch on weekend), you get enough food (mostly rice) to keep you from feeling hungry.


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