Ben Thanh Vietnamese Thai Cuisine


I went to a friend’s birthday dinner at a restaurant called Ben Thanh Vietnamese Thai Cuisine last weekend. It was my first visit to this restaurant. I ordered the Tom Yum Vegetable rice noodle and it was goooood! There were 7 of us so we also shared the Cheer Wonton with cream cheese and diced veggie inside, basil fried rice, green curry, veggie pad thai, mango salad, and papaya salad. I liked the Tom Yum Vegetable rice noodle and the basil fried rice a lot!

We brought a birthday cake with us and asked the server to put it in the fridge for us. When we asked the server to bring it out after dinner, she brought us the wrong cake. The people a few tables from us started to yell “That is our cake! That is our cake!” It was funny! The server said they had 3 birthday cakes in the fridge so somehow they got mixed up.

Two of my friends ordered coffee but only one got it. We also ordered a steamed rice but it never came. When we checked our bill, they charged us for 1 coffee but they also charged us for the steamed rice. We talked to the server about it and she fixed it right away. Make sure that you check your bill if you go at a busy time.

Overall, I liked the Ben Thanh Vietnamese Thai Cuisine.

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