A year-end review

As 2010 draws to a close, I figured it’s time to give myself a year-end review.  What have I done this year?


  • Shut down my Yahoo Blog due to the ridiculous amount of spam I’ve been getting.
  • Renewed hosting subscription with my original hosting service BY MISTAKE.  They automatically charged me through Paypal and I didn’t realize it until I got the invoice.   I paid for one year’s hosting but at the time I was planning to move to another hosting service as my old one kinda sucked (it was a “one-man” company).   The downtime was ridiculous (I’m talking about days!).  I wrote to them to cancel the service as soon as I got the invoice and asked them (nicely) if I could get a partial refund of the yearly subscription fee.   All they did was to cancel my Paypal subscription.  No replies whatsoever!  Note to self: avoid doing business with “one-man/woman” companies.
  • Created a personal blog for myself.
  • Created a personal blog for my good friend.
  • Created a blog for our joint projects which have sort of been abandoned! Gotta do something about this.
  • Bought 2 domains from NameCheap and created a blog for an idea that I had. I thought it would be fun but it wasn’t.  The blog is just sitting there collecting dust now.
  • Bought 1 domain from NameCheap and created another blog for another idea that I had.  Started working on this about a month ago and it’s moving forward.
  • Bought 1 domain from NameCheap.  I have an idea for a little project but don’t have the resources to execute it yet.
  • Would have liked to update my blogs more often but got distracted by a lot of other things.   Hmmm… gotta do something about this.


  • Finished a couple of projects at work. My paid job is just part of my life, a part that I want to minimize as much as possible! That’s why I refuse to become a full-time employee.
  • Spent on average 2.5 days a week on volunteer work and very much enjoyed doing it.


  • Due to the low interest rate, I decided to open an investment account with Questrade and invest some of my savings in the stock market.  I picked Questrade because of their low commission rate ($4.95 per trade).  So far, it has served me quite well.
  • Started to learn to invest in the stock market.  I like to learn so this is kind of fun. It’s not easy though… especially when I could lose money!   My portfolio has been up about 40% this year so I’m happy. 😆


  • Traveled to Asia this spring.  Didn’t expect to travel to Asia again so soon as I was in Taiwan for a full month in fall 2009.   I was only there for a couple weeks but it was fun (even though I came home with a bad cold).  Good times!
  • Went to Los Angeles for a few days early in the summer. Short but fun!
  • Went to Canada’s Wonderland with friends and despite the weather, we had a lot of fun.
  • Went hiking once (would have loved to go more often).
  • Went to the Thousand Islands on a perfect day. Even went to the Boldt Castle this time, which turned out to be just ok (80% of the castle was under construction!)
  • Spent a day at the Centre Island with friends. Great time!!


  • Set a goal for myself to read 4 books a month in October.  So far so good.  Read 4 in October and another 4 in November.  I’m reading my first book of December now.  My Kindle and iPod (audio books) helped a lot.
  • Tried to run 5k 4 times a week… managed to do it 3 times a week on average.
  • Tried to get up at 5:15am every morning so that I could have some quiet time to do things in the morning.  Well, I did quite well for about a month and then I slipped… mostly because I’ve been staying up late.  This is something I need to work on.
  • Set a goal for myself to spend 30-60 minutes on reading Buddhist books daily… managed to do this about 3 days a week only.  Sigh! Definitely need to try harder.
  • Learned to cook by experimenting.  I still suck at cooking but that’s ok as I’m the only person who eat the food I cook anyway. Hahaha!
  • Haven’t been able to draw as much as I would have liked but did manage to draw several e-cards for several special occasions.  Also designed a series of stuff for an upcoming volunteer event.  That was fun. 🙂

I’m going to come up with a list of new year resolutions based on this review. 💡

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