The Terra Cotta Inn

I went to a restaurant called The Terra Cotta Inn with some friends at the beginning of May. A friend made the reservation and when we arrived, we were told that we would dine in the Victoria Room. It was a private dining room. What a nice surprise!

The restaurant is located in Halton Hills, Ontario. It’s a little town north of Brampton. There is a conservation area called the Terra Cotta conservation area near the restaurant. Anyway, we went on a Sunday evening and the place was crowded. I believe someone was holding a wedding dinner or some kind of celebration dinner in the main dining room so it was noisy and there were kids running around too. I was so glad that we were assigned the private dining room.

The Victoria Room looked like a study of a house. It had a desk at one corner and a sofa at another corner. It was decorated with paintings and other antique-like furniture. The long dining table at the centre has a glass-top, supported by a wooden carving. Very elegant!

The staff was very accommodating and friendly. The food was great! There were lots of options for vegetarians too. We took a little walk in the garden at the back after dinner. It was very nice.

Insalata di Spinaci:
Insalata alla Caprese:
Risotto con Funghi Freschi:
Fettuccine Con Funghi Freschi:

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