Cafe Demetre – It’s dessert time!

I went to Cafe Demetre for dessert last week. I really liked the decor of this location (Courtney Park). You can access the free Wifi network of Subway from here too. ;-)

I ordered the Unforbidden Fruits on Crepe AND a frozen hot chocolate! The crepe was great as usual. The frozen chocolate was a bit too sweet. It tasted more like a chocolate shake. I liked the frozen hot chocolate of Second Cup better.

My friend loved her peanut butter ice cream on waffle. The vanilla shake was good.

cafe demetre - unforbidden fruits
cafe demetre - frozen hot chocolate
cafe demetre - vanilla shake

Caffe Demetre on Urbanspoon


  1. d cream 曾否好高卡 呢,但阿毛也愛吃哦

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