Hotel Review: Royal Group Hotel (Central Park) 御宿商旅 – 中央公園 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)


Once in a while, I like to get away from work or my familiar environment, and have some “ME” time. This is a time I can relax and recharge myself. This week, I decided to spend my “ME” time at the Royal Group Hotel (Central Park) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Location The Central Park branch of the Royal Group Hotel is ... Read More »

Reaching Inbox Zero Every Day

Reaching Inbox Zero Every Day

I’m a long time Gmail user. I got my Gmail account when Gmail was still in beta and was an “invitation-only” service. The good thing about Gmail is that you have tons of disk space. This advantage could sometimes turn into a disadvantage. Why? Because of this huge disk space, I used to keep ALL my emails in my inbox. ... Read More »

Hotel Review: The Tree House Design Hotel 樹屋旅店 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)


There are many “design hotels” or “themed hotels” in Taiwan. They are usually small hotels that offer themed rooms. The Tree House Design Hotel 樹屋旅店 is one such hotel. It has 72 rooms, in 10 different themes. The themes are: Craft, Bamboo, Track, Expansion, Eternity, Light, Progress, Link, Love, and Home. You can see pictures of these themed rooms on ... Read More »

My First Vietnam Airlines Experience

Vietnam Airlines

When I was flight hunting for my trip to Vietnam, I considered Cathay Pacific, Air Asia, and Vietnam Airlines. As I mentioned in a previous post, Cathay Pacific has been my airlines of choice for a long time, especially when I fly long haul. However, Cathay Pacific doesn’t fly direct from Taiwan to Vietnam. There is a short layover in Hong ... Read More »