The Perfect Coffee Shop For Me


I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I like to visit coffee shops and cafés. When I go to a coffee shop or café, I look for several things: Free WiFi – I like to work at coffee shop because for some reason, despite all the noises, I can focus better when I work at a café. Most of ... Read More »

Unboxing My X-Mini II Portable Capsule Speaker


I love listening to podcasts, audio books, and music on my iPhone. I usually use wear a pair of earbuds at work or when I’m on the road. If I really need some quiet time, I wear my Bose over-the-ear headphones. Sometimes when I’m home, wherever that happens to be, I play music through the iPhone built-in speaker. Unfortunately, the ... Read More »

4 Days of Internet Detox

No Internet Today

Last week, we lost Internet access at our house for 4 days. Except for one housemate, we had no phone access either because we never bothered to get a SIM card when we relocated to Los Angeles. We thought we could rely on the WiFi at our house and the public free WiFi anywhere else. Anyway, it had been a ... Read More »

Visiting The Huntington (Los Angeles, USA)


I love the sunny weather in California. I’ve been to Los Angeles about 5 times before this trip. On my past trips, I’ve visited some of the “must sees” in the area, including the Getty Center, the Getty Villa, the Griffith Observatory, Disneyland (of course), Aquarium of the Pacific (in Long Beach), Seaworld (in San Diego), etc. There is still ... Read More »

Vegetarian Oriental Meal – Cathay Pacific and DragonAir


Yesterday, I flew DragonAir and Cathay Pacific from Kaohsiung, Taiwan (KHH) to Los Angeles, USA (LAX) vis Hong Kong (HKG). Since I’m a vegetarian, I always have to request special meals when I fly. Having tried several special meal options, including the fruit platter meal, I like the Vegetarian Oriental Meal option the best. On my short DragonAir flight from ... Read More »

Sources of Happiness

Sources of Happiness

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal – not to people or objects.” ~ Albert Einstein There are many things in life that make us happy. To some people, money is their source of happiness and to others, a quiet evening with a good book is enough to make them happy. Sometimes our sources ... Read More »